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The Right Way To Remove Mascara Before Applying Idol Lash

We want to make something very clear when it comes to talking about the health of your eyelashes. Completely removing your makeup at night should be your top priority!

To maintain long and healthy lashes you need to get into the habit of doing this each night. It literally takes a few minutes to do it right so there is no excuse for ignoring it.

Leaving mascara on overnight can dry out your lashes. This will make them brittle and more prone to breakage. Overtime this can drastically affect the health of your lashes.

Here's What You Should Be Doing

  1. Wash your entire face with lukewarm water. Using a soft facial tissue or cotton ball remove excess mascara on the lashes. Be extremely gentle as these hairs are small and easy to break.
  2. Drop a small amount of baby shampoo on your cleansing pad or ball. Softly wipe the eyelashes and surrounding area to remove any trace makeup and mascara. Make sure you completely rinse off the area.
  3. Pat dry your lashes. Don't wipe or pull at them. Simply patting them with a soft towel or pad will remove an excess moisture and keep your lashes intact.
  4. The shampoo is meant to leave the skin fresh and can cause a tightening effect. Simply applying some baby oil to a q-tip you can apply the oil to soften as well as smooth the skin around the eyes.

You don't need an expensive eyelash cleanser. Baby shampoo is hypo-allergenic and is very inexpensive to get at your local drug store.


When washing around the eyes be very gentle. You don't want to put any pressure on the lashes and cause breakage. You also don't want to pull or tear at the lashes where they fall out.

Using an eyelash brush during cleansing can help to separate the lashes​ and stimulate grow. This will get the nutrient-rich blood to flow to every single lash and will allow the moisture to enter each hair follicle.