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Stop Eyelash Aging With These Simple At Home Tips From Idol Lash

When you think of anti-aging, you most likely first think about your facial skin. The wrinkles and crowfeet. However, most people tend to forget that our eyelashes age just like our skin does. As we get older our lashes lose pigment, can think out, and even start to fall out. It’s imperative that you give your lashes some love too with these simple techniques so that they stay looking young and youthful for your entire life.


As with any good anti-aging regiment starting early is the key to lifetime success. Once your lashes start to lose their pigments and fall out it’s much harder to grow them back and make them full of color again. Incorporate lash care into your daily skin care routine to keep them healthy. It’s natural fact that in our twenties and early thirties we tend to have more eyelashes than in our later years.

Having more makes us look more attractive, bigger, and brighter. As the years go by however, our estrogen levels tend to decline. This usually happens around the age of forty. This will make your lashes shorter and lighter. Typically women say their eyes look tired, worn out, smaller, and just overall order.​

Removing your makeup is one of the key factors that determines the health of your eyelashes for years to come. You need to properly take all of it off each and every night. If you need to use a facial cleansing make up removal pad and serum to ensure every last bit of make up is clear from your skin and eyelashes. If you leave mascara on overnight it will tend to make your lashes feel more brittle and dry. This leads to cracking and pulling out of your lashes. Our best suggestion here is to treat your eyelashes the same as your hair. And in reality they are both your hair.


Seeking the assistance of lash conditioners is not a bad idea either. This will help to stop typical breakage that can occur. All of these conditioning products contain a healthy blend of moisturizing agents like vitamin E, coconut oil, peptides, and protein to help your natural lashes grow stronger. The mixtures are usually clinically tested to ensure they don't irritate the eyes or the skin around them.

If you are unsure of what type of eyelashes conditioner you should be buying talk to your dermatologist for suggestions. These are typically easy to use as you apply them at night prior to falling asleep. Within just a few weeks your lashes should not be as brittle and prone to falling out or breaking off.