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Finding The Right Mascara Color For Your Lashes Once You Grow Them With Idol Lash

As you will commonly notice on the runway combinations of different lash colors with shadowing effects provide for amazingly outrageous beauty looks that women talk about for weeks. We all like to spice up our make up every now and then to change the look of our beauty.


Most however don’t know there are different colors of mascara or don’t know how to make them look good with their own skin tone. We have some makeup trends and tips that will help you find the right color mascara. Now you may not be ready to hit the streets with hot pink lashes, but just read along and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a color that suits you.

Let's start with Blue as it is one of the safer colors that can spice up your natural look without overdoing it. There are very many different shades of blue so you will be able to find one that fits your skin tone perfectly. There is dark, medium, and light available in almost all stores selling makeup products. You can utilize the different hues of blue to make a subtle effect or a full blow change. For those with blonde hair, adding a bit of blue mascara can really make your eyes pop instead of the boring old black.

Onto spicy Purple, this can look a bit more extravagant in the container than it actually does on your lashes. So don't let the look of the bottle intimidate you from using it. This is definitely one of the more bolder looks when it comes to adding color, but it works well with most skin tones. If you currently have red hair this is one of the best colors for you. Purple lashes will give an edgier look and those sporting brown eyes will get the same effect as well. Those with green or hazel eyes can get a smoky effect when applying purple.


If you closet is packed full of red and pink clothes, Green just may be your color of choice when it comes to mascara. This bold look will bring out your eyes, especially those with brown eyes. With a variety of shades to choose from including teal to lime green you will be sure ot find the right one to fit your skin and eye color.

Finally, we have two very unusually bold colors of Red and Fuchsia. These will present your eyes with a memorable look that no one will forget and that's a good thing. When it comes to that hot date or fashionable event of the year you should grab for your red mascara to make th e talk of the night. When crafting your bold red look it works best to combine various hues together to ge the best look. Also matching your eye shadow and liners are very important here too. You want to get the full look and not doing it right could provide a fashion mistake.

Ladies it's time to step out of the olden days of black and move into the fruitful days of color. There are ways to make your eyelashes pop without looking like that clown at the carnival. It just takes some time to find out the best colors that match your eyes and skin. But, once you find it you won't want to go to another important event without it.