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Choosing The Right Eyelash Growth Serum Called Idol Lash

Women searching for eyelash growth serum tend to do a lot of research. This is a good thing. It gives you the positives and negatives of many of the products that are on the market.


You will find that the highest price product isn't always the best. Some growth serums offer more benefits than others. So let's take a look at the things you should be considering when purchasing yours.​

First, What Is An Eyelash Growth Serum?

There are a variety of different solutions to help improve the look of your lashes. It's important to note which products provide the results you are looking for.

For example, if you want longer lashes you need a product that will growth the lashes. If you are looking for fuller lashes you need a serum that will increase the number of lashes you have.

It's important to realize that many of these growth serums only cosmetically treat the existing lashes that you have. They don't grow any addition eyelashes. These are more for moisturizing your delicate hairs.

Choosing Effective Ingredients

The most highest-quality eyelash enhancing product you can get will be packed full of only natural ingredients. It's important to make sure the company has tested and proven these ingredients to be safe for use around the eyes.


We want to note that the eyes are very delicate. You want to ensure whatever growth serum you buy you get it from a reputable company. Don't settle for generic knockoffs. The health of your eyes are more important than saving a few bucks.

Some of the best ingredients are glycerin, essential oils, and natural extracts. There should be minerals, vitamins, and proteins that stimulate hair growth and moisture.

You should ensure the product has these natural extracts:

  • Nettle - Growth Stimulation And Strengthening
  • Kelp - Used For Thickening Hair
  • Honey - Allows For More Moisture-Absorption of Hairs

How Long Do Eyelash Growth Serums Take?

The real answer to this is, the amount of time an eyelash growth serum takes to work depends on the person. Depending on the initial health of your lashes prior to using a growth enhancer, you could see results instantly or it could take a few weeks.

Those will brittle and dry lashes will notice faster results as the moisturizing process takes hold. However those that are looking for thicker lashes, it could take a few weeks for the lashes to fully grow out.

What Is The Best Serum To Buy?


Obviously, our recommendation is Idol Lash. This is for a few good reasons. This serum contains all the natural extracts that you need to grow longer, thicker, and beautiful lashes.

Idol Lash is proven safe and effective for all women. You can find out more about this product here.​